Shipping Costs

International delivery

Highest safety standards, punctual delivery and optimal service – those are the fundamental strenghts of our logistic partners worldwide.

Through the close connection to our international partners we are able to react quickly and offer you very competitive rates. Whether it is individuell appointments for delivery or standard terms, we will be pleased to advise you.

Please send your request via email or call us per telephone and you will shortly receive an attractive and individuell offer.

National Delivery

per Night Star Express

(If order got receipt until 6 pm your order will be shipped overnight and you will receive it on next working day.)

Weight in Kg
ZIP 18,19,20,21,22,23,
ZIP all others
until 30 9.00 EUR 13.00 EUR
until 50 11.00 EUR 14.50 EUR
from 51    
per Kg 0.45 EUR 0.65 EUR
VAT will be added to all prices.

If there is no night depot, the order will pe placed on you doorstep. It is the recipients risk to do so. Please make an arrangement of where to leave the order if you don't want to take that risk.

per GLS

(If order got receipt until 3:30 pm your order will be shipped within 48 hours during working hours.)

in Kg
max length
in cm
max. length and girth combined* in cm price
in EUR
until 31.5 120 300 5.00 EUR

(VAT will be added to all prices.)
*2x height plus 2x width plus longest length

Surcharges for GLS:

1. for toll 0,12 € per package
2. for not automatically sortable packages 4,50 EUR per package. This is the case for packages with one length over 120 cm and a width over 55 cm. and/or a height below 4 cm as well es for buckets, reels, bars, bags, cans, tires, etc.
3. Oversices 25 EUR additionally to regular package price
4. Island Surcharge 9,50 EUR per package
5. Return Order 9,50 EUR per package
6. for undeliverable or unaccepeted packages 5 EUR